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Hiros 15/07/15 - 11:50 daretoknow Print Design, Visual Identity Pas de commentaires

Margarita Production and Mokum were in need of a new visual identity to announce their merge. The name Hiros derives from Hirundi, the Latin for swallow. Like swallows move in continuously evolving v-shaped formations, Hiros is shaped by its artists …

Sudan Democracy First 29/08/15 - 11:59 daretoknow Illustration, Information Design, Online Design Pas de commentaires

Design of a set of info graphics for illustrating the continuously deteriorating situation distilling complex information in a clear, visually easy-to-grasp way with comfortable to read fonts, graphics and colour-ways.

In collaboration with Nuno Pinto da Cruz.




Displacement 17/07/15 - 15:32 daretoknow Editorial Design, Print Design, Visual Identity Pas de commentaires

Every four months, each time at a different venue, a different group of a.pass-researchers conclude their trajectory with an end-presentation and publication to¬†showcase the work in printed and online materials.¬†These researchers reconsider their practices through the lens of …

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